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Our Clinic

Located at Wisma Atria Office Tower in the heart of Orchard Road (2 minutes’ walk from Orchard MRT station), our spacious clinic is designed to make you feel at ease the moment you step inside. We offer a unique experience to pamper yourself even as you undergo a transformation of your senses.

The Freia experience welcomes you to a tranquil and luxurious setting. Whilst resting your feet in one of our cosy treatment rooms, you can leave all your cares behind as our staff and doctor attend to your needs and offer solutions to your concerns.

You will find our staff are highly trained, attentive and professional, taking time to cater to your every need. We are confident you will return eagerly for your treatments, knowing you will be well taken-care of in the privacy of our clinic.

Dr. Harold Ma and team, at your service for all your aesthetic needs.


Plush, luxurious yet homely. Welcome to your favourite spot on Orchard Road


Freia Medical is conveniently located at Wisma Atria, in the heart of Orchard Road


Sink into the plush sofas in our lounge area while you sip our signature drink.


Multiple rooms ensure privacy and comfort.


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Starting from January 2017, Dr Ma is honoured to be a Clinical Investigator collaborating with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) on hair biology.

In less than 2 months, we have seen positive breakthroughs such as the expansion of primary keratinocytes where cells were seen migrating out of the follicles (See photos below).

Through this collaboration, we are poised to unlock the final mysteries of hair loss and hopefully put Singapore on the map for hair loss research.

Expanding keratinocytes – cells seen migrating out of follicles.