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Our Doctor

dr harold maDr. Harold Ma is the medical director of Freia Medical. He is constantly innovating and enhancing his skills, with the sole purpose of bringing out the best in his patients.

Dr. Ma is a general practitioner with special interests in Lasers, Aesthetics and Hair Transplant procedure. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1999. He went on to complete his surgical and medical rotations in various hospitals in Singapore, and is fully experienced in surgery and patient care. He obtained a diploma in dermatology from the prestigious University of Cardiff, Wales in 2009.

Dr. Ma subsequently pursued his love for helping individuals realise their optimum potential. The result is Freia MedicalHair restoration, Aesthetic and Laser clinic, a one-stop clinic which has the answer to all your beauty and aesthetic needs. Dr. Ma has a wealth of training in aesthetics from top-class doctors around the world.

One of Dr. Ma’s deepest passions is in the procedure of hair restoration by hair transplantation. He recalls first learning of the concept of hair transplantation back in 2006 in Europe.

Very few doctors were aware of this procedure. He was determined to bring this technology and skill back home to Singapore and has not looked back ever since. He has gone on to master the strip (FUT) and the more popular scarless follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.

Over the years, he has honed his skills and built up a well-trained team of hair restoration staff who routinely serve patients locally and internationally.

Dr. Harold Ma and team, at your service for all your aesthetic needs.

He is very proud to introduce the ARTAS Robotic Hair transplant technology in 2013, which has refined his technique yet again.

Dr. Harold Ma has been regularly featured and interviewed on national radio and television shows, educating his viewers and listeners on hair restoration and other aesthetic procedures.

He is often quoted on national english and chinese newspapers (The Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao chinese paper, etc). There is a saying in our clinic: Think Hair, Think Dr. Harold

938 Live Hair Transplant Interview 2015

938 Live Hair Transplant Interview 2015

Dr. Ma is a certified laser physician in Singapore. He uses a wide range of safe and effective laser, light systems and other non-invasive treatments including the Dual Yellow, Clarity, Medlite, Spectra, Sciton Profile, Mosaic, Ulthera and CO2 laser to treat a broad range of conditions, such as pigmentation (including melasma, freckles, solar lentigenes), acne scars, pores and sagging skin.

If there is one word to sum up Dr. Ma and his practice, it would be obsession. He is fully consumed with the desire to bring out the very best in his patients, every time. He believes that less, is sometimes more and applies this to his treatment planning for patients so that they need a minimum of treatment to get the best results. He demands excellence in his and his team’s work. Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Ma is constantly seeking ways to further refine his techniques and results. As such, he travels the globe constantly, meeting with his peers in an exchange of ideas and know-how, giving talks and chairing regional and local conferences (Scientific Committee Co-chair person of the 2013 Malaysian-Singapore Conference of Aesthetic Medicine). His patients are the ones that gain the most from this spirit of tireless learning and sharing. He is an executive committee member of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, which regularly holds training workshops, consensus meetings and formulates guidelines for its aesthetic doctor members.

Dr Harold Ma

Dr. Ma giving his opening address as the Co-chairman of the 2013 Malaysian-Singapore Conference of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Ma presenting on hair restoration at the world's first aesthetic conference on a cruise (Asian College of Aesthetic and Rejuvenative Medicine 2016)

Dr. Ma presenting on hair restoration at the world’s first aesthetic conference on a cruise (Asian College of Aesthetic and Rejuvenative Medicine 2016)

Dr. Ma believes in giving back to society and is actively involved in the Yellow Ribbon Project since 2010. He performs laser tattoo removal treatments for ex-offenders in Changi prison, pro-bono. By helping inmates remove their tattoos, many have benefited from this initiative to help them shed the stigma of gang tattoos and re-integrate as useful citizens. Often, Dr. Ma is also humbly reminded of how fortunate the rest of us in society are.

Dr Harold Ma Prison Volunteer Awards

Dr. Ma proud recipent of the Long Service Prison Volunteer Awards 2013

Dr. Ma has been featured regularly in national television, radio and newspaper interviews, including Channel 5, 93.8FM, The Straits Times national daily, Chinese paper Lian He Zao Bao, My Paper, and magazines including Haarper’s Bazaar, Tatler, Silverline, Nu You, etc for his insights into issues relating to hair restoration, aging gracefully, maintaining a youthful physique and introducing the latest beauty technology to his readers. He is often invited to give talks on his experience and opinion on matters related to aesthetics and beauty. These include La Mer, Estee Lauder, Ezyhealth Forums, etc. He is featured as far away as the Times of London.

Restylane Skin boosters

As heard on 93.8fm health segment Body and Soul with radio host Daniel Martin, 2013

True to his belief of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Dr Ma continues to be an avid sportsman, having been a part of the National Windsurfing Team from 1998-2000.

Freia-on-Channel-5 2015

Channel 5 talk show on hair restoration, 2015


Astar logo2

Starting from January 2017, Dr Ma is honoured to be a Clinical Investigator collaborating with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) on hair biology.

In less than 2 months, we have seen positive breakthroughs such as the expansion of primary keratinocytes where cells were seen migrating out of the follicles (See photos below).

Through this collaboration, we are poised to unlock the final mysteries of hair loss and hopefully put Singapore on the map for hair loss research.


MB,BS (Singapore)
Dip Dermatology (Wales, UK)

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Singapore (Executive Committee Member 2012-present)
Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons
FUE Europe
European Masters of Aesthetics and Anti-aging
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Singapore Medical Association